Our story begins in 1992 when my mother, Angela, created a tool to make taking down our braids less of a chore. It wouldn't be until 25 years later, however, that I would take her prototype and build a business plan for it as part of my MBA graduate project.

TheBraidReleaser is a brand that bridges together tech and beauty to reconstruct how Black women see hair care. We are a response to the back burner where innovation of beauty tools for women of color currently exists.

For generations, rat tail combs and tired arms and wrists have been devices of circumstance. TheBraidReleaser's marquee tool is engineered to be a tool of choice, convenience, and care. It’s a statement to the world that Black women are no longer content with just “making do” anymore.

Spanning three generations of engineering, false starts, unprecedented pandemics, community crowdfunding, pitch competitions and consistent refinement, TheBraidReleaser strives to sit at the forefront of novelty and wonder for Black hair care. We're glad you're here.

Saraa Green,
founder + engineer